About Us


Tuna Water Treatment Inc.

Tuna supplies all kinds of water treatment equipments and designs special systems. Tuna is the most significant manufacturer and wholesaler company with the best and fastest service quality in Turkey. As Tuna, we also have a wide range of product groups and stocks within our warehouses.

All kinds of filters, softener systems, RO systems; surface water, sea water and well water systems; UF systems, UV systems, deionisation systems, degasifications, EDI systems, waste water treatments, chemical dosing and ozone systems, under-sink RO systems, all kinds of pumps, engines, membranes and vessels, all kinds of analyzers, electronic and automation systems, resins, sands, carbons.

Our exprience in industry leads us quickly understanding the market requirements and allow us as Tuna to offer new solutions constantly by improving and innovating our products and processes and by introducing new products and services every year.

Tuna is representative of the companies, which manufacture water treatment materials of the highest quality in the world, and of the best-known and reliable brands in the sector. It also supplies all demands with its large and various stocks in the shortest time.