Project Consulting

We can provide consultation service for instalments that have been or will be performed in accordance with our customers’ requirements. In the event that you need, we can also provide consultation for forming Technical Specifications or settling projects required for your company.

Project designing

We render project design services at capacities and designs, which are requested by our customers, by selecting the latest products and using the latest technology with our professional and experienced team of project and Research & Development.

Installation and Mounting

Your systems are mounted and installed by our professional team and they are made ready for operating. After installation and mounting, the required training and information on how to operate and control system is provided to customers by our professional team.

Turnkey Purification Installments

We are able to perform all processes that include projecting at required capacities and designs in accordance with needs of our customers, carrying out water analyses of building where instalments will be used, production and preparation of required systems for instalment, piping and electrical-automation works of instalment, running instalment and training personnel within our facilities.

Membrane Washing Services

Our Professional Technical Service also provides chemical cleaning service for your membranes blocked within time. The most suitable chemical cleaning is chosen for type of your membrane and sort of dirtiness by our team.